Montavilla Neighborhood Association – January meeting

January’s Montavilla Neighborhood Association meeting included a presentation from the principal of Roseway Heights Middle School, and the board also addressed a slate of grievances filed.

There were five board members and about half a dozen neighbors at the January 8 meeting. Board member Olivia Alsept-Ellis said board members have been overworked keeping the neighborhood’s warming shelter up and running.

Based on technological issues with the board’s new website, Amanda Rhoades, vice chair, said agenda wasn’t posted with the seven days notice, so the board couldn’t vote on anything.

@ 3:55: Kathleen Elwood, principal from the new Roseway Heights Middle School, gave a presentation about the shakeup in schools beginning next year.

She said there’s a focus to create community for schools feeding into Madison High School, and mentioned opportunities for getting involved with: a Portland Department of Transportation school-focused neighborhood survey; planning community events; and a partnership with a 13-acre ecology space called Dharma Rain (at 82nd & Siskiyou).

Kate Walker attended the MNA meeting to advocate for lowered driving speeds in neighborhoods. She wanted present more on the topic later this year.

Find contact information for all MNA board members here.

Rhoades, Land Use and Transportation chair, said the South Tabor NA is appealing a self storage facility planned at the former 7 Dees Garden Center. She thinks the hearing will be Feb 1.

SE Uplift is amending their motto, said SEUL representative Alsept-Ellis, and there is time to contribute to the process.

John Rotter, Public Safety chair, said they are working on developing good neighbor agreements and developing a neighborhood watch program.

@ 22:38: The board addresses the grievances given to the board in early December. Board Chair David Linn said three of six of the grievances were rejected because they didn’t meet the criteria required. Linn said they needed to have two more grievance meetings before the next board meeting.

Rhoades said those who filed the grievances should be given a chance to present more information about their concerns.


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